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I'm in Transition Provides all of the services and tools that you need to be successful in your transition. See how you can participate.

IIT Commitment to Participants

IIT Commitment to Participants

  • To offer faith-based restorative plans of action that will encourage and support a productive transition back to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Establish a working relationship with the spiritual leader and counselor to assist in the transitioning process.
  • Provide an accountability system to help develop the foundation needed for spiritual maturity.
  • Work on your recovery by attending IOP, PHP or Aftercare Attend no less than 3 AA/NA meetings per week.

IIT Participant Post-treatment

  • Submit completed IIT application by fax or email
  • If you're in treatment, please fill out the regular Application form
  • Schedule an interview with the intake
  • Each participant has their personal recovery plan

Click on the button to print and fill out the form. If you are coming out of treatment, etc., please fill out the below IIT Client Recovery Application. Submit online, Fax or email to