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Reintegrating back into the professional sphere isn't easy after incarceration. However, I'm in Transition in South Euclid, OH can help you make this transition. Our ex-offender programs include a workforce development program that focuses on job training and connecting employers with potential employees. With our help, you can start supporting your family again without the fear of constant rejection from the job market.

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How do we help others?

How do we help others?

When you reach out to our team, we'll be ready to help in several ways. We serve ex-offenders and our community by:

  • Improving social dynamics with ex-offenders' families
  • Training ex-offenders in viable construction and trade skills
  • Connecting employers directly with highly qualified employees
  • Strengthening morals and ethics by working with ex-offenders
  • Lessening the stigma associated with hiring ex-offenders in our community

By giving ex-offenders the support they need to find employment, we help them better support their families and the community. Contact us now for more information about our workforce development program.