success rate

Access to Recovery I - 2011 program with 10 clients for 12 months

success rate

Access to Recovery II - 2014 program with an average of 15 clients for 12 months

success rate

Access to Recovery III - 2017 program (concentrating on AUD clients) with an Average of 20 clients for 12 months

success rate

Opiate Recovery 1 - 2020 program (concentrating on Opiate clients) with an average of 24 clients for 12 months

I would recommend the IIT program to everyone in need or not in need. It's a Faith based program, bring you closer to a power greater than yourself. The staff is awesome! Very supportive, sympathetic, and empathetic to our needs. They give us constructive criticism, of how to bring about positive change in our lives. Learning about ourselves, developing new, and responsible way to cope without mind, mood altering substances. I'm forever grateful! I love it, it has me reflecting on what I was like, what happened, and how it is today! This program has saved my life from me!

Katharine P

Through the love of Jesus Christ, I'm In Transition literally saved my life, here on this earth, as well as my eternal soul.
Through the guidance of Mr. And Mrs. Jason Calloway, they introduced me to a Godly way of living other than the evil, addicted to drugs and alcohol(amongst other worldly addictions), sinful life I was living.
I highly recommend I'm In Transition to anybody looking for a new way of living without drugs and alcohol, and are serious about their relationship with God the Creator of all.

stephen c

This place saved and changed my life in so many ways, I have a loving God in my life now and I can say I am clean from addictions and I have many tools to keep me on the road to being a God loving man and I am proud to say I am so glad I came to IIT, it was the best decision I have ever made and I thank God for Mr and Mrs Callaway and there loving ways! It's people like them that make this world a better place, and I couldn't say thank u enough all I can do is give back! And share the hope I have today because of IIT!!!!