The benefits of nature

The benefits of nature are countless, but one benefit is the influence nature has on addiction recovery.

The key to recovering in life, is “balance”; it is essential for your mind, body, and spirit to neutralize your

tangled lives with nature.

When people use alcohol or drugs, they can be disconnected from the world and lose all of their senses.

Healthy recovery can awaken all your senses and fill them with mindfulness of your surroundings.

We shouldn’t underestimate the power of the holistic approach.

Engaging with nature helps to remind us of the beauty in our lives. Addiction recovery has its own ups

and downs; However, nature reminds us of positives and help us find motivation, reducing the risk of


When nature is around you, stress is handled differently in the body and becomes more manageable.

Nature strengthens our immune system, which can become weak during addiction. Going outside will

give your body Vitamin D from the sunlight, which is vital for our immunity.

Nature will give you better sleep. During addiction recovery, you tend to lose sleep (insomnia). However,

engaging in outdoor activities will make your heart pump faster helps with insomnia because you are

using up your energy. Therefore, you’ll become tired and sleepy.

We can also exercise with people we enjoy. Its best to be surrounded by people, talking about your

thoughts and ideas while enjoying nature and diverting your mind from addiction.

Nature also improves your focus. Even 20 seconds of looking at greenery, whether in the city or natural

environments, can enhance our attention, which is helpful during addiction recovery.